Holistic Services for MENA Enterprises, Governments, and Investors

Our main focus is to build a bridge between Israel and MENA countries, allowing transactions and partnerships to occur easily and to stand firm for many years ahead. ​


Connect You to Solutions That YOU Need

Looking out for your needs and assuring you receive the best solutions

Talmor Group is in a unique position to provide objective consultation based on what your partner requires, or that we believe could be suitable to you.

We connect our partners to technological solutions that have proven to impact businesses positively and that can fit your business as well.


From a pool of over 8,000 companies in Israel, Talmor Group finds the best-of-breed solutions by conducting rigorous due diligence and preparing the company to meet you.

Negotiation and Consultation

New cultures can be challenging, Talmor Group bridges the gap

Being at between the negotiating parties, Talmor Group serves as a mediator; assisting both sides reach agreements and thus increasing the chances of successful business for both sides. 

Our commitment to mutual trust and bridging countries is present throughout your journey with us. 

Consult you on Israeli Companies and Industry

Looking out for your needs and assuring you receive the best solutions

Israel consists of 8,000 companies in various sectors, this is a huge difficulty for anyone trying to access this industry for investing or for using the great services Israel has to offer.

This where Talmor Group comes in. WIth 12 experts from Israel's growing sectors and Talmor Group core team, we are able to provide you with a clear picture and tips on how to successfully get what you are looking for. 

Our services include planning tours for delegations and assisting in meeting the right companies and people.











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